Steve Chang, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Psychology and of Neurobiology
Ph.D. (Washington Univ. in St. Louis) 
Olga Dal Monte, PhD 
Postdoctoral associate
Ph.D. (University of Turin & NIMH)
Olga received her PhD from University of Turin and NIMH. For her PhD, she worked with Bruno Averbeck and Betsy Murray. Olga is interested in the neural mechanisms behind social decision-making and gaze interactions.
Amrita Nair, PhD 
Postdoctoral associate & Lab manager
Ph.D. (Duke University)
Amrita received her PhD from Duke University working with Michael Platt. For her PhD work, she examined how social status is represented in the posterior cingulate cortex.
Jessica Joiner 
Ph.D. student in Psychology
Jessica received her BS in Psychology from Sweet Briar College. She then worked at Columbia University before joining the lab. She is interested in how the brain relatively values social and nonsocial rewards in making decisions and theory of mind capacity/limitations in nonhuman animals.
Matthew Piva 
Ph.D. student in the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (INP)
Matt received his BS in Physiology from University of British Columbia. He is interested in social gaze dynamics, neuroeconomics approach to studying the encoding of self and other in the brain, and translating his findings to autism.
Courtney Turrin 
Ph.D. student in Psychology
Courtney received her BS degree in Biology from Bucknell University, and then her MS degree in Biology from William and Mary. She is interested in the neural mechanisms underlying social information foraging and the role of norepinephrine in foraging decisions.
Hannah Weinberg-Wolf 
Ph.D. student in Psychology
Hannah received her BA degree in Biological Basis of Behavior from Johns Hopkins University and her MA degree in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University. She then worked at Princeton University before joining the lab. She is interested in how serotonin regulates socio-emotional processing. 
Kayla Velnoskey 
Ph.D. student in Psychology
Kayla received her BS in Psychology from the University of Maryland College Park. She then worked at the University of Maryland before coming to Yale. She is interested in dynamic aspects of cognition, predictive coding of social variables, and multivariate analyses of fMRI data.
Siqi (Alice) Fan
Ph.D. student in Psychology
Alice will be joining the lab in the Fall of 2017. Welcome to the lab!
Nicholas Fagan 
Data Analyst
Yale Class of 2015
Nick received his BS in Psychology from Yale University. He is interested in computational neuroscience and anything that is computer science related.
Vered Zafrany (joint w/ Lee lab, Arnsten lab, and Wang lab) 
Vered is a systems programmer and engineer. She helps maintain software and hardware in the Lee, Chang, Arnsten and Wang labs.
Jason Morris 
Undergraduate in Psychology/Neuroscience
Marios Tringides 
Undergraduate in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Angie Fuentes
Undergraduate in Cognitive Science
Kacey Fang
Undergraduate in Cognitive Science
Lab Alumni - where did they go from here?
Marios Tringides: was an undergraduate -> to Duke University Neurobiology PhD program in 2017 with Doris Duke Fellowship on top.
Jason Morris: was an undergraduate -> Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis MD program in 2017 with Full-ride.
Angie Fuentes: was an undergraduate -> University of Illinois Chicago MD program in 2017.
Doug Streat: was an undergraduate -> Yale University School of Public Health MPH program in 2016.
Weston Pack: was a postdoc -> work for the Second Sight in 2016.